Our team

We are very happy to a have a team who are all highly committed to their work. Here you can learn a bit more about them.

As a Cambodian who came from a poor family and who lived through the very difficult years immediately after the Khmer Rouge period, Salin understands very well how these factors have affected her country. Being the project manager of Treak Community Centre it is very important to her that people contribute something for the help they receive.

We are exceptionally lucky to have Dara as our head teacher.  He has the gift of being able to take the new ideas and skills that volunteers bring and apply them, where appropriate, in a Cambodian setting.  He has a real passion to educate and help the people in his community.

Sary is our volunteer coordinator and therefore your contact person for every kind of questions you have before coming to Cambodia as well as once you have arrived here. She has lived in Siem Reap all her life so she can provide our volunteers with all the insider tips what to do during a stay in Siem Reap.