We receive no government funding and all our work depends on the financial support of our donors to cover our running costs. We always have a list of priority items to make sure your help perfectly matches the needs of the villagers.

It’s only through the ongoing commitment of our volunteers and supporters that we are able to pay our teachers wages, buy school supplies, run the hygiene programme each day for the nursery children, run the community garden, help families in severe crisis, operate our vocational training centre, and improve people’s chances of finding a job so they can take care of themselves and their families.

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100% of your donation will go directly to meet the running costs of Treak Community Centre. The following list gives an idea of how your money will be spent:

Sponsorship opportunities
We have a wide range of options for people wishing to sponsor our work; here is a selection:

English programme
We run free English classes throughout the day.  Each class lasts one hour and follows a planned curriculum.  They are led by full time Cambodian teachers who have to provide lesson plans and monitor student progress.  Volunteers assist the teachers.

$190.00 sponsors a teacher’s salary for one month
$50.00 sponsors a one hour English class for one month
(teacher’s salary, education supplies, contribution towards rent/electricity/maintenance)
$250.00 sponsors the school education supplies for one month
$1,140.00 sponsors a teacher’s salary for six months
$2,280.00 sponsors a teacher’s salary for one year
$600.00 sponsors a one hour English class for one year

Nursery class
The pre-school nursery class is for children aged 4 to 6 years.  The most disadvantaged families in the village have priority for these places in an attempt to introduce the families to the value of education as many of the parents have had little or no schooling themselves. The children receive fresh fruit each day to help with their nutrition and are provided with free uniforms of the same design as the government school. This is done for two reasons: the children have some designated clothes to wear for the nursery class, and they also then have a uniform for when they move on from the nursery. (If you haven’t got a uniform then you cannot go to school in Cambodia).

$50 sponsors uniforms for 10 children
$200 sponsors a teacher’s salary for one month
$300 sponsors the daily fresh fruit for the nursery children for one month
$650 sponsors the nursery class for 1 month
(teachers’ salaries, education supplies, fruit, uniforms, contribution for overheads etc.)
$7,800 sponsors the nursery class for one year

Hygiene programme
We run a basic hygiene programme for the nursery children which includes education on the importance of washing hands and cleaning teeth. (The vast majority of Cambodians NEVER wash their hands after going to the toilet…).

$50 sponsors the hand washing programme for one month (soap, towels)
$90 sponsors the teeth cleaning programme for one month
(toothpaste, toothbrushes, plastic drinking cups)

IT classes
Through generous donations of secondhand laptops by previous volunteers and visitors, plus support for the network and internet installation, we are able to run free IT classes throughout the day. These are very popular, often giving people their first experience of computers and the internet, and also providing valuable skills for future employment. We need continual support for this programme: the dust and heat place great strains on the laptops and other equipment, shortening their lifespan, and the internet connection alone is $90 per month.

$50 sponsors the IT stationery for one month, (paper, printer cartridges etc.)
$90 sponsors the internet connection for one month
$200 sponsors the teacher’s salary for one month
$330 sponsors the IT class for one month (teacher’s salary, stationery, internet connection, contribution for overheads etc.)
$3,960 sponsors the IT class for one year

Community support programme
In addition to our programmes for children and young people we also know that parents and the wider community need support, which we provide through our Community Support Programme. Whilst there are always occasions when a family faces a real crisis and needs urgent emergency support, wherever possible we want adults to contribute in some way for the help they get, for example by working at the centre or in the community garden. Families are supported sustainably by supplying work, and training them in new skills. Our aim is to help people in ways that help them to help themselves in the future.

Community garden

$70 sponsors supplies for the community garden for one month (seeds, tools, building materials)
$100 sponsors the wages for two gardening staff for one month

Some of the items we provide to our poorest families

$5 buys a school bag
$5 buys a school uniform
$30 sponsors a 50kg bag of rice (which will last a family of 6 for one month)
$45 – $70 buys a reconditioned bike, (enabling a child to go to school or an adult to get to work)

Premises costs
Of course we can’t do any of the above without paying all the boring stuff at our current site, such as rent and the electricity bill. Sponsorship of these items is greatly appreciated

$40 sponsors our cleaning supplies for one month
$40 sponsors our telephone bill for one month
$100 sponsors our electricity for one month
$150 sponsors our repairs and maintenance for one month

Building our new school

(April 2019) – The main building work at school is now complete, though there is still much to do.  We need to establish the plastic brick storage/preparation area, including building a workshop.  We will also move the garden and build a bike storage area, improve the play area, and cover the remaining playground with a large mosaic.

$12 buys one tonne of sand
$40 buys 1 tonne of gravel
$100 buys one tonne of cement
$150 sponsors a builder’s wage for a month

$3,500 sponsors the play area and equipment